About Hanadi Nadeem

Hanadi uses her health care, policy, and entreprenuerial skills to strengthen her community.

As the head of a health care business, Hanadi leads with compassion and dedication to assisting all those who come through her business’s doors. She has a deep understanding of the need for a stronger health care system that doesn’t leave anyone behind, from those who are underinsured or uninsured. Putting people over profit is front and center to the ideals that drive Mrs. Nadeem.

In addition to overseeing a thriving business, Hanadi is very active in her community. She is the past president of APPNA Alliance. APPNA Alliance is an advocacy and philanthropic organization whose mission is to provide medical relief and support women and children in both Pakistan and the United States. Under Hanadi’s leadership, she helped to expand the organization through the creation of local chapters across the country, organized many successful fundraising events including the annual meeting in Texas that attracted more than 4000 attendees and raised thousands of dollars to benefit people with disabilities and burned victims. Hanadi is also the founder of the non-profit Save Gods Special Children, devoted to providing education to children of special needs with intellectual disabilities. Since Hanadi started the organization, it continues to serve more than seventy children every year.

Growing up in a family of physicians, Hanadi values education and knows first-hand how impactful access to opportunity starts with a quality education. Being married to a top Nevada physician and running a health care business has given her an excellent understanding of the medical field and community health care needs. She has the unique ability to bridge all her experiences to collectively bring change. For example, gun violence prevention is near and dear to Hanadi, which led her to participate in the successful ballot measure that strengthened Nevada’s background checks on all gun sales law and will ultimately save lives.

Hanadi is a dedicated community member of Southern Nevada; helping to elect democratic women to all levels of government, mentorship and education for girls, volunteering for the homeless, and expanding health care access to those in need.

Woman (Hanadi Nadeem) with lapel mic smiling at the distance behind the camera<br />
Woman (Hanadi Nadeem) with lapel mic smiling at the distance behind the camera<br />

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